I can help your child enjoy French !

French tutoring for Kids

Agathe offers private tutoring for kids preK to 5th grade. The class is in French and can cover French, Math, Science or Arts. It is designed for kids who attend a French school and need extra help with homework and for French speakers who attend an American school and want some French instruction over the weekend. It can take place at your home/public library (San Francisco, Daly City, Brisbane) or at French Playdate, in Excelsior District.

My French tutoring class
Age : 4-10 (preK-5)
Days : After school, Saturday and Sunday
. $50 for a 1-hour lesson
. $200 for 5*1-hour lesson
. $80 for a 2-hours lesson
. $350 for 5*2-hours lesson

Contact me if you have any question